Diabetes can be a challenging condition to live with. Thankfully, there are a tremendous amount of resources to help you manage your diabetes. It is also a condition that can be monitored easily at home.

Pharmasave can help by providing all of the the supplies you need to manage your diabetes

  • A selection of glucometers, test strips, and lancets for testing your blood sugars at home
  • Glucose tablets and gels for rapid treatment of low blood sugar
  • Diabetes carry-all kits to keep all of your supplies together when you're on the go
  • Footcare supplies
  • Diabetic Socks
  • Diabetic Medical ID bracelets 
  • Suger substitutes and sugar-free candies


Free training on how to choose and use a home blood glucose monitor

If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic, learning to test your own blood sugar can feel over whelming. Drop in for FREE, step-by-step training when you select a new blood glucometer from our store. We will send you home with all of the supplies you need, and ensure you leave feeling confident to test your blood glucose leves on your own. 

Managing Diabetic Medications

Fill your diabetic medications or insulin in our pharmacy, and take advantage of our pharmacist's expertise in managing diabetes. We also carry sugar-free versons of cough syrups and lozenges! It couldn't be easier to transfer your prescriptions to Pharmasave. Call 604-669-7700 to speak to a pharmacist today!

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