Taking medication doesn't need to be a fight.

Do you have children, pets, or have trouble swallowing pills yourself? Speak to our pharmacy staff about preparing your medication in a form that will be easier to administer. Many medications can be prepared in a variety of forms, such as solutions, creams, and capsules, and it is possible to add flavors to improve the taste of some oral medications.

Has your doctor prescribed a medication that is not commercially available?

Some medications are not manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. These need to be prepared in a compounding pharmacy like Burrard Pharmasave. Examples of medications we commonly compound are:

  • Bio-Identical Hormones 
  • Injections for treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Pediatric compounds customized to your child's age or weight where an appropriate strength may not be commercially available
  • Alternative dosage forms for palliative care patients, such as lozenges or suppositories
  • Medications for veterinary use. Animal-friendly flavors available!

Compounding medications for people with allergies or sensitivites

If you have sensitivities to dyes, preservatives, or fillers (such as lactose), we can custom compound your medication without those ingredients.

Contact one of our Pharmacists today to find out more about our specialty compounding services.

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